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N95 Mask Dust Mask Bicycle Mask Filter Mask Electric Mask Air Purification Surgical Mask


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In this difficult time, we know that everyone urgently needs professional masks to fight the virus. Regardless of cost, we will use the fastest logistics method.

1. The order after payment will be sent out within 48 hours.
2. Use efficient logistics Japan, South Korea, U.S.A. will arrive in about 15 days. European countries will receive the package in 95% of the world in about 25 days and 35 days.

How to choose the right mask to prevent epidemics?

1. Most masks on the market do not have certification information. Such products without certification information may not be resistant to viruses without quality assurance.
2. The mask made of cotton can only keep warm and cannot filter viruses
3.Need a mask with an N95 filter to filter the virus.

Our mask N95 filter has an authoritative verification report, and the filtration rate reaches 99.99%. Can effectively filter viruses

The protective effect of our masks has been certified by major Chinese institutions. In China, we sell more than 9,000 a day, helping 500,000 people through the most difficult virus attack time. The epidemic in China has eased, so we hope to bring the best protection products to friends in other countries and let us work together to fight the virus.


1. It is the latest technology that combines the N95 mask with an air purifier, which can effectively filter viruses and eliminate the problem of air circulation in traditional masks.
2.5-layer composite filter, fine-grained layer-by-layer division of labor, only to provide you with cleaner air
3.Efficient purification system, independent air intake, and expiratory air ducts, to prevent airflow disturbances and form scientific microcirculation
4. Freely adjust the air volume of 3.3 gears, the air volume can be entered in a large area to meet the different needs of various occasions
5. More silent, more power-saving, reduce energy consumption, energy-saving, power is still strong, only 1.2W in normal working mode
6. Baby food-grade soft silicone, which can be washed directly or sterilized by heating at high temperatures. It can be used for a permanent cycle without skin irritation.
7. Adopt ergonomics, more fit to face shape, easy to wear
8.more economics. A regular N95 mask costs $ 6. One can only be used for one day and must be discarded. Our N95 filter is only $ 1.20, and 5 days of use is equivalent to only $ 0.24 per day
9.White.Light yellow.A pink switch according to your favorite color

Intelligent electric mask, equivalent to a mobile “purifier”, the ultimate effect, smarter, larger air volume, return to the original breath

5 layers of purification and decomposition, two-way circulation of air in and out, independent intake and exhalation air ducts, forming a scientific and complete breathing microcirculation

Class 5 super-strong composite filter can effectively purify the air and prevent virus pollution, formaldehyde, odor, allergens, harmful gases

Three gears can adjust the air volume, and the large area can smoothly enter the wind, which can meet the needs of various occasions

Quieter and more power efficient. Dedicated motor, reducing power consumption by 58%, ordinary working mode only needs 1.2W, strong battery life, reducing energy consumption and energy saving

Baby food-grade soft silicone, which can be washed directly or sterilized by heating at high temperature, and can be recycled forever

Using ergonomic principles to make your wearing more convenient and fit your face

Lightweight body, long-term wear will not make you feel tired

How to wear and wash

Product List


Filter chip: N95
Mask style: hanging ears
Material: Silicone
Breathing valve device: Yes
Function: electric ventilation
Uses: resist virus pollution formaldehyde, dust, odor

common problem

Q: Why can’t the machine start when I press the start button?
A: Please press and hold the power button for more than three seconds to start
Q: Why doesn’t the USB charging indicator light up?
A: The machine has a charging protection function. If the light is off, press the power button once.
Q: The silicone is dirty. How to clean it?
A: Common cleaning methods are: flannel wipe/wash / put in boiling water and sterilized at high temperature.
Q: Why is there moisture in the inner cavity of the fuselage after wearing it for a while?
A: This condition is common in cold winter weather and is caused by the condensation of the normal exhaled water vapor, which will be naturally discharged from the air outlet valve.
Q: What is the reason for the smell when you first wear it?
A: This is generally the natural odor of the activated carbon layer inside the filter, which does not affect human health; and the odor will automatically dissipate when the electric air supply is turned on
Q: Is the product’s silicone material safe?
A: The silicone material of this product has passed the international ROHS certification and the German SGS food-grade certification. It belongs to food-grade silicone. Please be assured that it has no harmful substances.

Additional information

Mask type

N95 protective mask to prevent virus flu


Intelligent electric air circulation 5-layer protection system

Use range

Prevent formaldehyde, dust, odor and virus pollution

charging method



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